Quality and Environment

Quality and environmental issues are high up on the agenda for us at MYLOQ. Our products are of the highest quality and functionality. Our ambition for our products is to have a long life cycle and to age with dignity. We don’t produce throwaway products.

To achieve these goals we have carefully selected suppliers that offer components and processes of the highest quality. We aim for solutions that give long life and good functionality. We have top quality management in all ranks, ensuring our products to hold the highest possible quality when reaching our customers. These aims do not always comply with lowest possible costs, but our customers should feel that a MYLOQ product gives surplus value. We won’t compromise with quality.

Not to compromise quality and to avoid throwaway behavior is something we consider to be the best way to preserve and protect the environment. That the customer gets a well functioning product with a long life cycle is resource-economic and the best way to ensure the stability of our planets limited resources. We also put great effort to use materials and processes that are environment friendly, and we take effort to make the products recyclable. We want to contribute to a sustainable development.

We have chosen to produce as much of our products as possible locally. In so doing, we avoid long and climate exhausting transports. By choosing local suppliers we also contribute to the development of the local commercial and industrial life, which we feel is important to a well balanced and good social development. We want our customers to feel that they are contributing to the local and regional development when they buy a MYLOQ product.