About codes

We at MYLOQ consider locking and unlocking using a code gives very high security. To use a code is more secure than to use a traditional mechanical key - the reason being that keys can be copied. Historically you needed the physical key to make a copy at a locksmith. Lock producers protected the user by patenting keys, so that only authorized persons could copy keys at the locksmiths. At that time you were relatively secure as long as you didn’t lend your key to someone.

Today’s free form technology has opened new alternative ways to copy keys. Free form technology is a relatively new technology that was considered science fiction merely a couple of years ago, but today it is a common process.

New solutions by using mobile phones or remote controls to operate locks are now on the market. We at MYLOQ believe these solutions doesnt give enough security. You can always record and disturb a radio signal. If a signal has been recorded there is always a risk that someone can “crack” the code.

Most solutions with card and tag don’t give sufficient security either, since transcribed codes often aren’t encrypted. Card and tag with encrypted information gives a safe information transmission. Just as easily as a key can be lost, a card can be misplaced and give an unauthorized person access.

Therefore, we at MYLOQ hold codes as the most optimal way to operate locks. Is there no weaknesses with a code? Yes, there is always a possibility of visualy apprehend a code. It is therefore important to hide the code input in the same way as when you withdraw money at an ATM.

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